Monday, March 5, 2012

A list of suggested materials for those new to, or considering, the workshop

For those new to life drawing and the materials, I have set down a few suggested tools that have proven easy to use and maintain in a live class.  There are a great variety anyone could use and all students in these workshops should use what they are most comfortable with but this list is just given as a source for those who have questions on the matter.


One of the best mediums for drawing from the figure has been the 2-B Black
Conte'. It has unique properties especially in combination with the smooth
newsprint that offers greater tonal range and control. it is true that it has
a definite learning curve but when learned has proved to be a very nice medium
to design with. That being said the participants within the workshop will be
free to use whatever medium they are most comfortable it conte
charcoal, carbon, newpastel, etc.

At the very least the students will need to obtain the following:

2 Smooth 18x24 newsprint drawing pads

A backboard to support the pad cut to the same dimensions. ( Home depot is a
great and cheaper place to get a nice 1/4 inch hardboard for this purpose)

A couple of heavy duty binder clips to hold the pad to the board

Their drawing medium of choice

A chamois cloth

A kneaded eraser and a pink pearl eraser or equivalent eraser.

dividers (for measuring and checking directions). obtainable at Provo Art and
Frame. I will post an image of these to the blog.

a straight edge (for the visual checking of alignments)

something to sharpen a pencil if the individual opts to go that route.