Saturday, October 15, 2011

A recent head study finished in Conte'.

Dividers and Triange

These two items are available at most art stores, and are valuable assets to the student both beginning and advanced. The use of them will be explained in the workshop.
Dear interested Figure Design Students

I am beginning to receive more responses of interest from advertisements, be
they fliers or other means and wanted to give those who may not have a
background with me some more info on the workshop and myself in general.

I have been teaching Figure Drawing at BYU primarily within the Illustration, and
Animation areas for the past 6 years. I have decided to create this workshop
not only for current and past students who are seeking additional options for
instruction but others who for whatever reason are needing either a stronger
foundation in figurative work and 2-D Design generally. We know that
drawing from the figure is the way to learn to draw but that it also presents
the unique opportunity to learn design concepts while developing our drawing
skills at the same time.

The reason this workshop is for both beginning and more advanced students is that I
will be dealing with each student on a very individual basis and in this way I
can assess the needs of each person and move them along at the appropriate pace.

At the same time I will be introducing and interlacing design concepts as we
proceed throughout, but we will devote the majority of the students time to
incorporating design themes and concepts as you draw from the nude model.

Now to materials:

One of the best mediums for drawing from the figure has been the 2-B Black
Conte'. It has unique properties especially in combination with the smooth
newsprint that offers greater tonal range and control. it is true that it has
a definite learning curve but when learned has proved to be a very nice medium
to design with. That being said the participants within the workshop will be
free to use whatever medium they are most comfortable it conte
charcoal, carbon, newpastel, etc.

At the very least the students will need to obtain the following:

2 Smooth 18x24 newsprint drawing pads

A backboard to support the pad cut to the same dimensions. ( Home depot is a
great and cheaper place to get a nice 1/4 inch hardboard for this purpose)

A couple of heavy duty binder clips to hold the pad to the board

Their drawing medium of choice

A chamois cloth

A kneaded eraser and a pink pearl eraser or equivalent eraser.

dividers (for measuring and checking directions). obtainable at Provo Art and
Frame. I will post an image of these to the blog.

a straight edge (for the visual checking of alignments)

something to sharpen a pencil if the individual opts to go that route.

A payment of $200.00 reserves your spot in the workshop.

Payments can be made directly to me via paypal (using my email) or by check or

Also, I am trying to get an idea of what advertisements are being seen and
responded to and would like your feedback telling me how and where you
discovered the workshop.

Additionally, it would be nice to know of your background ahead of time so I
could get to know you a bit better and maybe what you hope to gain from taking
the workshop.

Any other questions you may have please feel free to email me anytime.


Chad Barksdale

577E 550 N
Springville, Ut 84663

Friday, October 7, 2011

Workshop will be from the Nude

An overwhelming majority of the responses of my latest email were in favor of having the nude as the basis of the workshop and therefore that is what we will have.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watch for more images commentary and workshop Information